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On this page we outline the services we can offer. This is just a snapshot, please contact us and we will happily advise on all manner of projects. Because of our heritage in the trade we have a vast knowledge and will happily try to help.



We can produce and repair all kinds of wooden wheels. All our wheels are produced to exacting standards and safety and reliability are priorities. We use traditional timber and components and all wheels are hot bonded. We have a huge array of plans and can also offer a wheel design service if new wheels are desired. Because we produce approx. 200 wheels per year we are able to repair or make you wheels quickly and reliably, and offer good value for money. Please contact us if you have any wooden wheel requirements

New Vehicles and Restoration


We have restored and produced all kinds of new vehicles, ranging from Horse buses and Landau right down to handcarts. Each project is bespoke, and we dont stock a "catalogue" range. Please contact us for information. We can restore any kind of vehicle also, with all aspects taken care of in house. Current projects include farm wagons, brougham, landau and Dray.

Cannon and Military Wheels


We restore or make new carriage for all kinds of barrels, including ship and field carriage.We use original plans and materials ensuring autheticity. 

We produce military wheels from all countries, using original techniques.

Please call us for information


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